Sémillon Bakery & Café

(Pronounced: semēlˈyän)

Carefully Hand Crafted Pastries, Breads, and Sandwiches, paired with espresso, teas and more.

Located in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Exactly what you are looking for...

Local Fresh Ingredients

Here in the Northwest, we are blessed with an amazing selection of fresh ingredients.  Why not choose the best Northwest has to offer!  


Whether your drink is cappuccino or just a straight shot espresso, you can't go wrong pairing it with our sweet and savories!  Locally roasted and delightfully deep and dark...

Located in the vibrant Capitol Hill area of Seattle

1150 11th Ave. Seattle WA 98122 

Monday: 7:00am to 1pm

Tuesday to Friday:  7:00am to 4pm

Saturday and Sunday:  8am - 4pm

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(206) 432-9064